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Monday, October 3, 2011

I know interesting people

Stacked Blocks Baby Quilt in Gray and Pink
Beautiful quilt stolen from
Quilts By Jess' Etsy page.
There seems to be a flurry of creativity these days.  Maybe it's because of the economy--so many people who were laid off or had their retirements and salaries squeezed might have just decided that they should take the time to simply do stuff they enjoy.

I've noticed amongst my friends some amazing talent flourishing.  Or, maybe, I'm just noticing it.

Actually, I've known I have some pretty cool friends for a while.  I thought I'd just take the time to brag.

One of my friends has been making quilts.  Making them like a madwoman.  Well, madwoman as in doing a lot of them, not that they look like Picasso's or anything.  She makes bright and beautiful baby blankets and larger bedding (, and then blogs about it (  What's even more cool is that she's a lawyer and a geek!

Another of my friends is another cool geek.  By day he does computery stuff (don't ask me what he does, he's a different kind of geek than I am, so I only really understand that he does computery stuff) at a large financial services company.  By night, he and some friends do a podcast on the latest technology, movies, games, etc. (  He also brews beer and mead (mmmm....mead....)

Then, there's my friend with an aquatic thumb--that's like a green thumb, but with fish, not plants.  But, that's not her only hobby.  She also raises and shows dalmatians (, and has probably the most well-behaved dogs I have ever met.  Most of her dals are liver spotted, which I had never seen before I met her.  Her dog, Argus, is even a national champion!  He qualified for and competed at Westminster this year.  How cool is that?
Check it out!

I have other cool friends, but I should probably leave some bragging for later.


  1. Rachel!! Ah shucks. I probably never told you that I started all of this sewing stuff when I was knee deep in doctoral dissertation writing and in desperate need of some mental downtime at the end of the day. Now that I'm knee deep in the lawyering stuff, I use sewing as a creative escape from stress and the occasionally mind-numbing world of patent law. So, thanks for saying you like the stuff I've made. That's so kind!

  2. I totally understand the need for mental downtime during doctoral thesis writing. Perhaps you *were* making them like a madwoman. I know I was a madwoman during grad school.

  3. Well, I certainly had my moments, but I loved writing so much that I was probably my most sane when writing papers or my thesis. As you know, even when you're happy writing, can be draining and frustrating. Thanks to some excellent girl friends and regular craft nights (almost always with wine and gossip included in the crafting), I found a way to unwind before I went completely nuts.

    Maybe law school wouldn't have been such a grueling experience if I had allowed myself a little time to sit in front of my sewing machine. :)