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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some people should be beaten

I don't drive very often.  I'm quite proud of that fact.  Mostly, because I don't really enjoy driving all that much. Plus, it saves me money.  And I can read on the bus.  The police (and pretty much everyone else) kind of frown on doing that while driving.  (You hear that, Mr. Businessmanwhossoimportantthatthenewspapercantwait?)

I typically drive about once a week.  Lately, that once a week has been on Sundays, driving to work because I've been incredibly busy.  This doesn't generally make me happy, really.

Well, today I need to drive to work again.  I go down to the underground parking garage--the underground parking garage that I pay extra for the convenience and safety of it in my "luxury apartment complex"--and about 2 parking spots away, I press the button on my keyfob to unlock it.  It does.  I  hop in and stick my key in the ignition.

Then, I discover that there are things where they shouldn't be.  There are some stamps on the console just in front of my shifter.  There's a broken air freshener on the passenger side floor.  My phone charger is not in the center console but on the floor.


I remember that our apartment complex sent out an email a couple of days earlier saying that some people had their cars broken into and some stuff stolen.  Well, Saturday on the way out, my boyfriend and I drove by slowly to take a close gander at my car.  No broken windows, and I always lock my car.  I also never leave anything of value in it.

This morning, though, I'm suddenly not certain that I'd locked my car.  I had stopped by Wednesday morning to pull some marketing materials out of it from my trip to SD in order to bring them back to my office.  Everything was fine, then.

I hop out of my car and open my trunk.  Stuff that was normally at the very front of the trunk, nearest the back seat was pulled to the back of the trunk and rifled around.  OH, I was pissed.

I pull my car out and drive to the front of the building to give the office staff some whatfor.  Except they don't get there till noon on Sundays.  I. Have. To. Get. To. Work.

So, I take a quick trot back up to my apartment (after locking the car, of course), and ask my boyfriend when the last time he drove his "good" car.  About a week.  Did you check to make sure it hasn't been broken into?  Why....?  Mine was.

He comes out to check my car out and notices something that I hadn't...they'd punched my lock in and pulled my door handle partially out.

Now, I'm furious.

Yes, it's that dirty.  It gets driven maybe 1 time a week.
They had wrecked my barely valuable car even more, and they hadn't even taken anything.  Not the dollar I always keep in my center console for emergencies or the $3 worth of change there.  There was nothing other than maybe 15 or 20 cents missing from the ashtray.  Yet, I will have to repair my car or face the fact that it will be almost worthless for a trade and probably less secure because the handle is popped.

So, I get off to work almost an hour after I intended to, and I'm grumpy.  Really grumpy.  And I worked for 10 straight hours.  I could have come home an hour earlier.  But no.

Some people definitely need to be beaten.

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  1. Ugh. That sucks. My worst experiences with car vandalism/theft occurred in Seattle. At one point it was stolen outright - they broke in, hotwired it, ransacked it, stole a 12-pack of Pepsi and the stereo, and left it running MINUS THE HOOD, AIRBAGS, and SIDE MIRRORS behind a warehouse in downtown Seattle. Some people definitely DO need to be beat about the head.

    Surprisingly, my car went practically unscathed during my 3 years in Chicago. Go figure.