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Friday, April 6, 2012

Awful song

Yesterday, I decided to stop in Banana Republic (yes, I shop there; I can sometimes find worthwhile work clothing there on the sale rack...and I admit, sometimes full price) over lunch.  I was just going to check out a sale on dresses they had going.  When I stepped in, I noticed the music--a song I've heard a few times and really like.  Stereotypical music for the store, but it's cool I like this one.  I make a beeline for the dresses.  They're ho-hum, but there were some full-priced ones near the entrance that I like, so I head in that direction.  Then...a new song.  I have never heard it before and I hope to never hear it again.  It sounded like a duet between a college-age Thurston Howell III and a cheerleader about to faint over a somewhat disco-y beat.  I hustle out of there, not stopping to look at a damned thing.

Later, I've missed my bus and have to wait for the next one, so I kill some time and stop in Ann Taylor.  I mention that I'm glad the music is decent in the store.  I explain my earlier experience at BR, describing the song exactly as above, and the girl selling me the belt I've been coveting for a while (at 30% off!), grimaces.  "Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about!  We've played it in here before.  It's awful, but there's nothing we can do about it--corporate stream."


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